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Our Team

The TMUL team has decades of combined knowledge in public policy, business management, and most importantly, tree care and stewardship.

Stosh Kozlowski, Board Chair

Stosh is a licensed Louisiana arborist and a city planner. Stosh began his career interning internationally in East Africa with the United Nations' agricultural arm, the International Fund for Agricultural Development ( In Africa, Stosh learned rural reforestation and economic development practices with the ultimate goal of the eradication of extreme poverty. His work history includes staff at the City of New Orleans City Planning Commission as well as the City of Atlanta Department of City Planning. In Atlanta, Stosh was the Department of Planning's point person to assist with the creation of the country's most intricate municipal tree protection legislationStosh's passion is helping with saving the Louisiana Coast where he leads an annual bicycle ride to raise awareness and, of course, dollars to donate to the cause of saving our Louisiana coast. 


With over 10 years of urban and rural placemaking experience, Stosh brings critical knowledge and professional experience to Treemendus Love.



Tim Benton, Executive Director

Born in New Orleans, Tim Benton has over 20 years of experience operating as a licensed arborist in Louisiana, Mississippi, and under the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). He began working in urban tree care at a young age as a summer job but quickly discovered that trees were his true passion. After building a successful tree care business in Savannah, GA he returned home to bring his skills to the community that he loves the most. 


To date, his efforts have resulted in the planting of 5,000 trees in the New Orleans area. The founding of Treemendus Love represents the opportunity for Tim and his team to bring their decades of expertise to the city of New Orleans by planting trees that will have a long-term, lasting benefit to the community.


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