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Welcome to the Treemendus blog! 🌳

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

We're glad you're here. If you've found this blog, you may be interested in what Treemendus Love is working to do in New Orleans. As a young 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we have big ambitions for the impact we can make on our communities, climate change, and coastal restoration. While the climate change issues are complicated, we believe the solution is pretty straightforward: We need trees. More trees in our city and coastlines means more clean air to breathe, more protection from storm surges, and more beautiful living spaces.

New Orleans is famous for many things, among them the canopy of trees that make up the natural landscape of the area. These are some of the oldest trees in the United States! Here on the blog we aim to profile some of those specific trees, offer educational resources, and discuss our programs more in-depth. Thanks for joining us on this celebratory journey of Louisiana ecology!

What is our mission and vision?

Our mission is to grow environmental and social benefits to Southern Louisiana communities through urban reforestation. Our vision is to cultivate a healthier, "canopy-positive" Southern Louisiana that has less carbon in the air, more habitats for wildlife, and restored coastlines that mitigate climate change while enhancing residents’ quality of life.

In short, we aim to plant more trees! We also aim to bring the community into the process, encourage people to get outdoors, and learn more about how our collective effort can mitigate climate change while making our cities more sustainable and beautiful. New Orleans is on the right path too, the City's Master Plan adopted the measure in 2020 to reach 50% tree canopy by 2030!

Urban Reforestation:

Urban reforestation is the new buzzword in environmentalism, and that's because it has an enormous impact. It's the practice of planting trees on a a large scale in urban environments. The presence of trees in urban communities reflects the overall health and even economic prosperity of those communities. A big focus of our work is identifying the neighborhoods in New Orleans that would benefit the most from increased canopy coverage.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Please donate! We are at the very beginning of building up our programs. In order to achieve the vision, and hire more staff, we need your support.

  2. Follow our social media and sign up for the email newsletter. Keep in the loop to find out when we launch tree sales, host tree planting events, and more!

  3. Hug a tree! Get outside and appreciate the beauty of the world's largest plants, they love you back.

Thank you for being a part of the change. Together we can make a difference.

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